Vienna for Lesbians © Vienna Tourist Board / Peter Rigaud

Vienna for Lesbians

Going out
For years, the lesbian community dwelled in the shadow of the gay community, there have always been places for meeting, dancing and flirting though.

Lesbian Nightlife in Vienna

In the last years, a more positive self-image has evolved and fostered a self-confident women's scene has developed and established oneself in Vienna - offering something for everyone and caters to many different needs. And it certainly doesn’t have to hide anymore.


Café Willendorf in the 6th district is a good place to meet. It’s open every day and there are always a lot of people. Although its lesbian-gay mixed, women are the majority. You can just sit at the bar and look around or meet your friends and eat and drink. A lot of lesbians gather there before going out to clubs.

Café Berg is a very popular meeting place during the day time. The majority is gay male, but there are always lesbian women and you can relax with a Melange or a glas of Prosecco and enjoy the atmosphere. Right next door, Löwenherz - the gay and lesbian bookstore - offers a wide range of lesbian and feminist literature and DVDs.

Another - genuinely - feminist book store is ChickLit in the first district.

Dancing and flirting

Marea Alta is in the epicenter of the queer village in the 6th district. There are cool events and great DJanes and live performances. You can spend whole nights there. It’s medium sized and very cosy with an outside area in summer.

There are also some cool regular dance clubbings for lesbian women like g mix, Las Chicas and other events from pinked. Check our website for all lesbian events.

Feminist - lesbian

For feminist women we can recommend FZ - Frauenzentrum (women’s center) and again the feminist book store ChickLit, as well as Frauencafé. There are a lot of events: Readings, parties and information. Especially FZ is place for women that has remained despite a lot of opposing wind that is worth a visit.


EGA Women's Center
The EGA in Mariahilf hosts feminist, lesbian and queer events, concerts and seminars. The cornerstones are culture, communication and contact, on which the offer of the EGA is oriented. In addition to art & culture, there are also many educational opportunities.

ChickLit on Kleeblattgasse in the 1st district is a feminist bookstore with a wide range of feminist and lesbian non-fiction books and literature.

Löwenherz, the oldest LGBTIAQ bookstore in Vienna right next to Café Berg, also has a large selection of lesbian non-fiction, literature, novels, photo books as well as DVDs.

Liebenswert in the 6th district is a sex store of a different kind, aimed explicitly at women.

Lesbian and queer life in Vienna is flourishing thanks to its strong roots and the capital’s all-pervading atmosphere of Gemütlichkeit or welcoming coziness. Today Austria’s largest city has a vibrant lesbian scene, with a fantastic café and restaurant culture, and offers endless ways to find out more about its fascinating historic lesbian connections.