Ben's feet on a beach on Crete

About Ben

Welcome to my blog! Maybe you will ask yourself who this guy "Ben" is and what special knowledge he claims to have.


I'm just a guy from the heart of Europe who loves to travel.

How did this blog come to happen? Well it all started in 2010 when I created a websites for LGBTIQ tourists in Vienna called  First, only gay and lesbian locations and events where added to the website, but over time more and more other locations like museums, exhibitions, beaches - just cool places - became part and it showed that it was a good idea. In general, LGBTIQ tourists visit the much the same sights like every other tourist, perhaps even are even more culturally interested, so it even made more sense to include the great Viennese museums like Albertina with its Dürers and KHM (Museum of Art History) with the Bruegels, Rubens' and Boschs and of course the Greco-Roman collection with marvelous statues of Antinous and Apollo. Of course, Sisi, Austria's own tragic superstar-empress appeals to a lot of people. The website gradually evolved into a guide for culturally, lifestyle and individual travelers. I have always thought of telling stories from my many travels so added to the site.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism and everything else that makes civilized people enjoying live was suspended and so I've decided to prepare for the time after the pandemic.

Content from was kept, but a fresh start was necessary and so I've created 

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