Ben's feet on a beach in Crete

The Pros and Cons of Solo Travel

A lot of people tell me that they admire the fact that I travel alone. For me, this is quite normal. Let's talk about it.

Ah, the solo adventure, where you're the captain of your own ship, navigating the seas of discovery all by your lonesome. There's a certain allure to it, isn't there? I want to start with the pros that apply to pretty much everyone, before I go into my personal reasons for solo travel.

Total Freedom

Want to wake up at noon and have pancakes for dinner? No problem. When you're solo, the only schedule you're on is your own.


Ever heard the phrase "finding yourself"? Well, solo travel is like a crash course in self-discovery. You'll learn more about yourself in a week than you might in a year at home.


Fancy taking a detour to that quirky museum you just stumbled upon? Go for it! No need for group consensus or compromise.

Meeting New People

When you're on your own, you're more approachable. Plus, there's something magical about striking up conversations with strangers in far-off lands.

Personal Growth

From navigating foreign transit systems to dealing with unexpected setbacks, solo travel teaches you to be resourceful, resilient, and downright unstoppable.

Tailored Experiences

Every adventure is custom-built to suit your tastes and interests. Love ancient ruins? Spend all day exploring them. Not a fan of modern art? Skip the contemporary museum without guilt.

Increased Confidence

Conquering challenges on your own boosts your confidence like nothing else. Suddenly, that big presentation at work doesn't seem so daunting.

So, there you have it, the world is your oyster, and when you travel solo, you're the pearl in the making.

Buy Me A Coffee

But let's face it, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Here are a few cons to consider:


While solo travel offers freedom, it can also mean long stretches of time alone. Dining solo or exploring attractions without a companion can sometimes feel isolating.

Safety Concerns

Traveling alone, especially in unfamiliar places, can raise safety concerns. You have to be extra vigilant about your surroundings and may feel vulnerable, particularly at night or in sketchy areas.

Safety Concerns for Solo Female Travelers

Unfortunately, women may face additional safety concerns when traveling alone, including harassment or unwanted attention.

Higher Costs

Solo travelers often bear the brunt of accommodation and transportation costs alone, without the benefit of splitting expenses with a companion.

Limited Social Interaction

Meeting new people is part of the fun of traveling, but solo travelers may find it challenging to connect deeply with others, especially if language barriers or cultural differences come into play.

Decision Fatigue

Without a partner to share decision-making responsibilities, solo travelers can feel the weight of having to plan every aspect of their trip, leading to decision fatigue and burnout.

While these cons exist, they're not necessarily deal-breakers. With careful planning and a flexible mindset, solo travel can still be incredibly rewarding. It all depends on your personal character and attitudes - and the people who travel with you. And if you are in a partnership you might have to consider even more issues when it comes to traveling.

I only consider safety concerns, higher costs and decision fatigue as factors that tend to disturb my travels. And if you follow a few simple rules, these last remaining issues can be minimized.