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dialog Q e.U.
Marchettigasse 1/20
1060 Wien

Object of the company: Ankündigungsunternehmen, Werbeagentur
VAT-Number: ATU66046888
Corporate register number: FN 75241 a
Corporate register court: Handelsgericht Wien
Company location: 1060 Wien


+43 660 208 28 66

Member of: Wirtschaftskammer Wien, Fachgruppe Werbung
Laws re. professions: Gewerbeordnung:

Supervisory/Trade authority: Magistratisches Bezirksamt Mariahilf
Job title: advertising agency, announcement company
Awarding country: Austria


Editorial policy including all subdomains offers information and tips for travel and leisure activities as well as events around the world.

The travel platform is aimed at all those interested in travel. In addition, we address special interests of LGBTIQ people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transident, intersexual and queer).  In doing so, is represented with this portal as well as on social media.

We are independent as well as politically and ideologically neutral and are not close to any political party, institution or interest group and stand for the preservation and promotion of parliamentary democracy, equality of all before the law, the rule of law, separation of powers and freedom of speech and press in a federal Austria, the European Union and the whole world. In doing so, we resolutely reject extremism of any kind. We are committed to respectful and sustainable tourism.

We are particularly concerned with the dimensions of diversity, rejecting discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation and identity, ethnic origin and nationality, disability, and religion and belief. Within the scope of our possibilities, we are committed to a peaceful, sustainable and prosperous coexistence for all.


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