Café Savoy Foto: Wien Tourismus / Peter Rigaud

Gay Cafés in Vienna

A trip to Vienna would be incomplete without visiting at least one coffee house. And of course, there are also some gay cafés where you can indulge in the various traditional Viennese types of coffee and pastries, like Sachertorte.

Coffee and coffee houses are popular in Vienna since the Ottoman Empire tried to conquer the Habsburgs and take over the city of Vienna. They tried two times, but luckily were unsuccessful, but when the Ottoman army left for the Balkans, they left behind dozens of huge bags with strange brown seeds. First, the Viennese didn't know what to do with it, but soon, they started roasting and brewing a delicious brown to black liquid in their own style. Voilà, Viennese coffee was born. And with it came some delicious sweet inventions like "Kipferl" or croissants - courved pastries reminiscent of the Ottoman half moon. The Viennese always hat a sweet tooth.

Coffee soon became so popular, that religious and earthly authorities would deem the enjoyment of drinking the brew as being immoral. But that changed soon as the triumphal march of coffee couldn't be stopped anymore and soon coffee houses popped up everywhere in the city.

The cafés listed here are all attracting a manly gay clientele, but of course, everybody is welcome.


Café Savoy

Café Savoy is a traditional Viennese coffee house with fin-de-siècle ambiance. The rather small menu card offers warm and cold traditional cuisine, but don’t expect to loose weight after your meal. It’s very popular among lovers of Austrian cakes, tarts and sweet dishes and an excellent opportunity to choose between various blends of Austrian coffees after exploring Naschmarkt. You will love the outdoor area where you can watch hot guys passing by. The guest are rather middle-aged, but it is getting more popular with younger men.

1060 Vienna, Linke Wienzeile 36

Sun – Thu, 12:00 am to 2:00 am; Sat 9:00 am to 3:00 am



This is the place where you get the best cakes in town. It’s next to Karmelitermarkt and there’s a few tables outside the Café in summer. Fett+Zucker (meaning fat+sugar) is frequented mainly by lesbians, but everyone is welcome of course.

1020 Wien, Hollandstraße 16



Gugg serves as club house of HOSI Wien (an Austrian gay inititive) and is open for public on selected days only. If you want to have additional Information about homosexual, lesbian and transgender Vienna, Gugg is the place to go.

1040 Wien, Heumühlgasse 14

Tue, Sun 6 - 10 pm,
Fri to Sat 6 pm - 1 am


Peter Hartauers Operncafé

Peter's café is an interesting place. There are pictures of past and recent opera stars, female and male posted all over the walls. And of course opera and classical music is playes all over the venue. It is definitively worth a visit!

1010 Vienna, Riembergasse 9

Wed – Sat, 18:00 pm to 2:00 am



Rifugio is a small and homely gay café in the 5th district with a large percentage of patrons. The owner is very friendly and really looks after the well-being of his guests. Most popular during late afternoons with men 45 plus.

1050 Vienna, Schönbrunner Straße 10

Mon – Sun, 10:00 am to 22:00 pm


Villa Vida Café

For long years, Café Willendorf in the Rosa-Lila-Villa - an organization that provides shelter and ressources for LGBTIQs - was an important part of Vienna's community. Unfortunately, the popular and experienced tenants didn't want to prolong the contract and after some wrong choices the new tenants renamed Café Willendorf and started with a new concept. 

1060 Vienna, Linke Wienzeile 102

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