Der-Dritte-Mann Tour © Felicitas Matern

Third Man Tour

The Third Man Tour is an unforgettable way to experience the world of the film classic “The Third Man”.

Seven meters below ground level, visitors receive information about Vienna’s sewer system and work in the sewers.

Equipped with a safety helmet and a headlamp, you will explore Vienna’s underground.

The original spiral staircase from the film leads you down into one of the oldest parts of Vienna’s sewer system. The “cholera sewers”, running parallel to the River Wien on its left and right, were built in the 1830s and have remained virtually unchanged to this day.

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Tickets for the Third Man Tour are EUR 7 for adults and EUR 3.50 for children. The reduced rate is EUR 5.50. Tickets can be reserved online.

If we have to take a (literal) rain check on the tour due to bad weather, we will inform you by text message.

A minimum age of twelve years is required for the sewer visit.