Kutschermarkt Vegetable and fruit vendor


Going out

Opening hours

Stalls: Mon - Fri, 6 am to 9 pm & Sat: 6 am until 6 pm

Restaurants & Bars: Mon - Fri 6 am to 10 pm & Sat: 6 am until 5 pm

Farmers Market: Fri, 3 pm to 6 pm

Markets are not only the digestive system, but also the soul of a city. You will get to learn how its inhabitants tick pretty fast. And of course, different groups prefer different markets. Welcome to Vienna's bourgeoise market.

Kutschermarkt maybe is one of the smallest markets but certainly one of the most finest of Vienna. And it is not very central either. It is in Währing, one of the richer districts of Vienna. As the clientele is financially well off, you can be sure to find everything you are looking for in terms of exotic fruits, tropic legumes and regional delicatessen. There is also fresh fish from the Austrian lakes and European seas, cheeses and other dairy of every provenance and of course fine meats and game. Most of them organic and regional, at least they say so, except for the Italian, Greek, Turkish etc. stalls. Obviously there is still a market for cut flowers in the 18th district as well. I never understood the urge to bestow someone with soon withered and dead organism, but don't let that affect you.



But what you might really be looking for are the restaurants and bars. And there are plenty for every taste. The menus are small but excellent and they change at least every week. You can also order from the stands, they all have their seating arrangements.

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