Brunnenmarkt Wien Vienna


Going out

Opening hours

Stalls: Mon - Fri, 6 am to 9 pm & Sat: 6 am until 6 pm

Restaurants & Bars: Mon - Fri 6 am to 10 pm & Sat: 6 am until 5 pm

Farmers Market: Fri, 3 pm to 6 pm

The street market is the epicenter of Vienna's multicultural site. Immigrants from all over the world supply their culinary and cultural needs all along Brunnengasse and Yppenplatz. It's an incredibly lively and interesting place.

You cannot - and should not - compare this street market to the other markets of Vienna. Naschmarkt became a fixture on Top-10-Lists about Vienna. Karmelitermarkt reminds us of how amazing Jewish live in Vienna was before the holocaust and is therefore interesting in its own right. But even if the market exists since 1830, there is hardly a place in Vienna that lives so much in the presence as Brunnenmarkt.




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