Sisi. Elisabeth of Austria. 50ies film version.

Her royal campness. Sisi goes queer!

Sweet for Ernst Marischka, unapproachable for Visconti, tragic for the musical. Always aesthetic, always eccentric, always fascinating. Always completely over the top and thatʼs what we love about her. But can Sisi be interpreted queer? She can.

Elisabeth of Austria. Sissi. SisiQWIEN offers special tours around Schönbrunn which present Sisi as an icon of the gay scene, which she always was. Instead of the facts that you know anyway, you will be amused by stories that connect parts of Sisiʼs life with homosexuality.

The tour is definitly no history-class; itʼs more about the placement of those cultural representations that make Sisi an icon for the gay community: her body cult, her self-presentation, her aesthetic principles. In Sisiʼs villa on the greek island Corfu visitors are welcomed by a statue of Achilles, the gay hero of the Iliad who was Sisiʼs hero as well. Also two gay people from Sisiʼs environment are discussed: The Bavarian King Ludwig II, who the Empress regarded as her soul mate. And of course Sisi scandalous brother-in-law Archduke Ludwig Viktor. He was the one that got slapped in the face in a public bathroom after groping a man, according to rumors. Sisi didnʼt like Luziwuzi at all. But not because of his sexuality - such things appearently didnʼt bother the Empress.


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Tour length: about 1.5 hours
Venue: Sisi Museum, Hofburg, Michaelerkuppel
Price (includes admission to the Sisi Museum): € 15,00, reduced (and Vienna Card): € 14,00

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