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We have good news for you: becomes We really loved to serve you with information about what is going on in gay and lesbian Vienna, but it is time to think bigger. We will take the best features of, but we will also add interesting articles, tips and travel guides from other cities. Additionally, we will offer you travel guides in eBook format as well as audio travel guides.

After the Sars-CoV-19 pandemic perishes, hopefully for good, we are all looking forward to travel again. I have collected lots of inspirations for you - prepare for a world full of wonders!

Nice to meet you! I'm Ben. Let me take you with me on my travels ...

Follow me on my journeys to my favorite spots in the world. My dream is to provide you with valuable information that will help you to choose the perfect destination, accommodation, beaches and places for your trip.

Those who travel experience a lot - I hope that my stories will help you on the way to your own personal adventures.

I'm so excited to share all my stories with you!

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