Croatia Istria Novigrad
Istria is a small peninsula in the Northern Adriatic and one of the most popular tourist destinations for Germans, Dutch, Austrians, Italians as well as Czechs, Slovaks and Hungarians. Three countries have a share in the peninsula: Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. For centuries, it was part of the Austrian Empire and there were no borders

´Today, the population is a unique melange of the three above mentioned nationalities with huge Austrian and Venetian influences. Every little village has its miniature San Marco Square, dotted with Ancient Roman ruins and Byzantine churches. In Croatia, once part of the Roman province of Illyria, the Ancient Latin and Greek spheres collided with each other.

Slowly forests and green meadows disappear, while the landscape becomes more and more Mediterranean, until finally you can catch a glimpse of the Adriatic Sea. Cities like Piran, Umag, Novigrad, Porec and Rovinj offer everything a sun-seeking tourist might wish for. The biggest city and capital is Pula with its marvelous Roman amphitheater and Temples, Venetian Palasts and imperial Austrian harbour buildings.