The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid. Is the Journey Worth It?

Most of you will know about Copenhagen most iconic sight. What you probably don't know: The small statue is quite far away from the center and all the other sights.

The Little Mermaid statue stands as a timeless symbol of Hans Christian Andersen's beloved fairytale and the enchanting spirit of Denmark's capital. But is the pilgrimage to see this iconic statue worth the trek? Let's dive in and explore the pros and cons.


The Little Mermaid is an essential part of Copenhagen's cultural heritage, drawing visitors from around the world who seek to pay homage to Andersen's enchanting tale.

The walk to the statue offers stunning views of Copenhagen's picturesque waterfront, allowing visitors to soak in the beauty of the harbor and surrounding landmarks along the way.

Erected in 1913, the statue holds historical significance as a gift to the city from Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen, immortalizing Andersen's timeless story in bronze.

For photography enthusiasts, capturing a snapshot of the Little Mermaid against the backdrop of the sea and sky is a must-do, offering a memorable keepsake of your visit to Copenhagen.

Visiting the Little Mermaid provides an excellent opportunity to explore Copenhagen on foot, allowing you to discover other nearby attractions, such as Kastellet fortress and Amalienborg Palace.


The popularity of the Little Mermaid means that the site is often crowded with tourists, especially during peak seasons, making it challenging to get a clear view of the statue without other visitors in the background.

The statue is located a considerable distance from the city center, requiring a long walk or bike ride to reach. This may be a deterrent for travelers with limited time or mobility issues.

Some visitors may find the Little Mermaid statue smaller than expected, leading to disappointment after a long journey to see it in person.

Over the years, the statue has been subjected to vandalism and acts of defacement, detracting from its original allure and causing controversy among locals and tourists alike.

The experience of visiting the Little Mermaid is highly dependent on the weather, with rain or inclement conditions potentially dampening the enjoyment of the journey.

In conclusion, whether the journey to see the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen is worth it depends on your personal interests, priorities, and expectations. While the site holds undeniable cultural significance and offers scenic views of the waterfront, the long walk and potential crowds may deter some visitors. Ultimately, for those who appreciate Andersen's fairytale and wish to immerse themselves in Copenhagen's cultural heritage, a visit to the Little Mermaid can be a magical experience worth embarking upon.

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