The Dreme Stele of Thutmose IV between the legs of the Sphinx in Giza
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Dream a little dream of ... Sphinx! The Dream Stele.

The Dream Stele tells a cute story about a tired prince who fell asleep in the shadows of the Spinx whose body was buried with the sand of thousand years ...

The Dream Stele, also known as the Sphinx Stele, is an ancient Egyptian inscription that is located between the paws of the Great Sphinx of Giza. It is a large granite slab that was erected by the pharaoh Thutmose IV, who ruled Egypt from 1401 to 1391 BC.

The Dream Stele


According to the inscription on the stele, Thutmose IV fell asleep while hunting near the Sphinx, and had a dream in which the Sphinx spoke to him and promised to make him the king of Egypt if he cleared away the sand that was burying its body. The Sphinx also warned Thutmose IV that it was angry and would otherwise destroy Egypt with its power.

After awakening from the dream, Thutmose IV had the sand removed from around the Sphinx, and he erected the Dream Stele in front of it to commemorate his experience. The inscription on the stele describes the dream in detail and also contains a list of the pharaoh's accomplishments and offerings made to the gods.

The Dream Stele is an important historical artifact because it provides evidence of the Sphinx's existence and significance during the New Kingdom period of ancient Egypt. It also sheds light on the religious beliefs and practices of the time, as well as the role of the pharaoh in maintaining the well-being of Egypt.

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