Gay Fetish Clubs and Events in Vienna

Gay Fetish Clubs and Events in Vienna

Vienna is not Berlin, but there’s a lot to do for gay fetish lovers. Despite the two big fetish festivals organized by LMC Vienna - the Leather and Motor Club - there are a lot of different fetish events and clubs.

Fetish Clubs and Parties are a big thing in the gay community and obviously, Vienna is no different than other cities. 



It’s Vienna’s biggest beat and leather party. Unfortunately it doesn’t take place every weekend but check out our event calendar or the search.



The club location of LMC Vienna is in the heart of the gay village at Nasschmarkt. If you want to take part in a party, you have to register (for free), as it is an association. That’s not a big deal and pretty easy done in the internet. There are also memberships for international guests and visitors. Please respect the dresscode that changes frequently.




F56 is something like the successor to Club Losch. It mainly caters to the same audience like Hardon but is less popular with the crowds as Hardon is well established in the Viennese Gay Community. It's also not in the main geographical area where most of the LGBTIQ locations can be found.


SMart Café

SMart Café isn’t esclusively gay. Heterosexuals, lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders meet here to live their fetish. Everybody is welcome. It’s also in the gay village at Naschmarkt with regular tables and performances.

Gay Fetish Events in Vienna


Vienna Fetish Spring

The LMC Vienna invites the Austrian and international fetish community to Vienna Fetish Spring at the end of June. The idea to organize an international event in spring attracts more and more national and international visitors to the HARD ON every year - rising temperatures and the possibility to combine a city trip with a fetish event found a positive echo in the European fetish scene.

There is of course always a varied supporting program prepared: DJs, fetish flea market, fetish events for every taste, the traditional brunch on Sunday and of course the freestyle of Mr. Fetish Austria. So a varied long weekend full of highlights is provided. Among the many visitors from abroad is more and more often a proper fetish celebrities and thus emphasize the increasing international importance of the festival.

Since the HARD ON fills up quickly during larger events and sometimes the entrance has to be closed, it is advisable to get hold of a package in advance, which guarantees access to the events. We will present you the full program and packages as soon as we know more.

Vienna in Black

Vienna in Black is the biggest and most famous fetish event in Austria and takes place regularly every year in October, usually over the Austrian national holiday. The LMC Vienna is again the organizer and so of course most of the events take place in their club premises, the HardOn. For each fetish there is at least one event and of course again the fetish flea market, as well as sight seeing, dinner, brunch and much more.

Of course there are also again packages to book. The LMC also always tries to bring international "Mister" of the fetish and leather scene to Vienna, or international events, for example, in 2015 the election of Mr. Leather Europe took place on the program.



For years, the LMC was celebrating Koniginnedag in its Location HardOn. It was the only day in the year without dresscode and men-only door policy. Since dressing as king is not as much fun for gays as a queen, LMC still celebrates former Queen Beatrix instead of her successor Willem Alexander. It is really a lot of fun on 30th of April, grab some orange clothing and Gouda cheese!


Fetish Shops

If you're a fetishist, you will want to buy your favorite stuff, so check out our recommendations!


Jotex Army Liq. Shop

Everything for the uniform and military lover with a huge range of stuff. You can equip your own platoon and play your own little games in the woods ... And we are not talking about war games! Jotex is not an exlusively gay shop, but certainly gay-friendly.

1080 Wien, Lerchenfelder Straße 6



Rubberik offers innovative latex and rubber fashion. Additionally, they design and produce individual customized unique fashion.

1050 Wien, Schönbrunner Straße 82/3-4


Sexworld International & Spartacus XXL Store

If you are looking for the spices that pep up your love live, Spartacus XXL store is the place to go. It’s centrally locatet on the Mariahilfer Straße, Vienna’s biggest shopping lane. In the basement - a huge area especially prepared for the needs of homosexuals - you’ll fine everything you may desire - or even don’t know that it existed.

Mon - Sat, 10 am - 8 pm

1060 Wien, Mariahilfer Straße 49



Tiberius and Designer Marcus Valenzuela have stepped out of the niche and became the Viennese leather design store, selling fashion you can wear on more occasions than your favorite leather orgy. 

Mon - Fri, 12 am - 7 pm
Sat, 11 am - 6 pm

1070 Wien, Lindengasse 2 a


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